Director: Budi S. Putra Indonesian (Javanese) percussion ensemble based at the New Zealand School of Music (Victoria University campus) in Wellington.
Manager: Jack Body Our repertoire includes traditional Javanese music and new compositions by New Zealand composers.
We are vailable for functions, receptions, conferences, weddings, workshops and concerts.

What's On:

What do we sound like?

Listen to mp3 samples of Gamelan Padhang Moncar playing traditional and new music.
Sunday 8 March, 11:15am: GAMELAN TANIWHA JAYA at the Newtown Festival.

Friday 13 March, 6:15pm: GAMELAN TANIWHA JAYA with SEKAA SELONDING SEMETON (rare ancient Balinese ensemble) and dancers from Bali at the SE Asian Night Market on the Wellington Waterfront (near Te Papa).

Saturday 14 March, 7:30pm GAMELAN PADHANG MONCAR with JOKO SUSILO (dhalang) present Wayang Kulit (shadow theatre) at the SE Asian Night Market on the Wellington Waterfront (near Te Papa).

Also look out for Balinese baleganjur in the 6pm procession, and a massive bamboo anklung performance at the market.

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"...[an] innovative, daring and even courageous extension of the gamelan into hitherto unexplored territory" - Graham Reid

"...remarkably varied...I was captivated by this album and strongly recommend it" - Robert Johnson

Watch 'The Power of Percussion': a profile of us on TV One's "Asia Downunder"

What does Padhang Moncar mean?
This Javanese name can be interpreted in several ways. Padhang is brightness or daylight. Moncar means growing or developing vigorously. Padhang Moncar can refer to the sunrise (the growing light), and the fact that in Aotearoa we are the first gamelan in the world to see the new day. Padhang Moncar can also be interpreted as harmony and growth and thus the name can reflect the aspirations of the group.